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Difference Between Meade Lx-90 & Lx-200 Telescopes

Updated April 17, 2017

Of the many telescopes on the market, two popular lines are made by Meade, the LX90 and the LX200 series. Meade introduced the LX200 in the early 1990s; predating the newer LX90 series telescopes. Both telescopes offer great quality for observing and fit well as a telescope comparison due to their similarities.

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One of the first differences you will notice between the LX90 and LX200 series of telescopes is size. Classified by diameter, both scopes come in 8", 10" and 12" models. The LX200, however, has two additional sizes, the 14" and 16" models. When you compare the two lines in models of the same diameter, you will find that the LX90 has a slightly longer focal length on its two smallest models: 2034mm versus 2000mm on the 8" and 2540mm versus 2500mm on the 10".


Although the LX90 and LX200 have similar types of electronic components, the specifications and capabilities of each device vary. The motion controls on the LX200 are slightly more sensitive than the LX90. The High Precision mode on the LX200 is 1-arc minute in comparison to the 3-arc minute rating in the same mode on the LX90. Both scopes contain an electronic database of different sizes. The LX90 comes with 30,233 objects and the LX200 with 147,541. You can use a slower slew speed on the LX200, which is vital to viewing and centring distant objects.


The LX90 series has a cost advantage over the LX200 series. On the 8" model, the LX90 is £1,169 or £1,299 depending on which version you buy, while the LX200 8" is £1,689. The 10" LX90 is £1,559 and £1,721 versus £1,689 on the 10" LX200. The 12" model will set you back £1,949 and £2,144 on the LX90 and £2,924 on the LX200.

Batteries and Weight

The LX90 offers an approximate 60-hour life on eight C-cell batteries, while the LX200 offers only a 20-hour battery life on the same set. There is also a weight difference on the two types of telescope, with the LX90s weighing in lighter on every model. Weights are 23.6kg versus 33.1kg on the 8", 31.3kg versus 36.3kg on the 10", and 35.8kg versus 56.7kg on the 12".

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