What height should a combination breakfast bar and worktop be installed?

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Getting new kitchen worktops and cabinets installed is an exciting time, but it calls for making important decisions that you'll often be forced to live with for years.

Choosing the right height of the combination worktop and breakfast bar in your new kitchen will mean the difference between a comfortable working and sitting area, and living with an awkward design in your space.

Worktop uses

The standard worktop height is 90 cm (36 inches), but maximum comfort is just below the elbow height of the person using it. The first step in deciding how high to install a combination worktop and breakfast bar is to determine how it will be used and by whom. If the person who will primarily use the worktop is taller or shorter than average, adjust the height of the worktop up or down from 90 cm (36 inches) to accommodate that person.

Breakfast bar functions

Typical bar height is around 115 cm (46 inches). Like the worktop height, you can adjust this up or down if you're taller or shorter than average. However, choosing the height of a breakfast bar that will also be used as a worktop requires taking more into consideration.

Furnishing considerations

If you plan to use bar-height stools, aim for a height of 115 cm (46 inches); for chair-height stools, 90 cm (36 inches) is appropriate. If you have not already chosen the seating for your new worktop, you'll have more flexibility. Many different styles of bar seating come in multiple heights, giving you the option to install your counter at your personal ideal height and find the barstool that works best for that height.

Find the compromise

If you plan to use your bar primarily as a workspace, consider installing it at 90 cm (36 inches) and using chair-height stools for the breakfast bar. If you plan to use it primarily as breakfast bar and would be comfortable performing work while seated in the bar stool, a height of 115 cm (46 inches) would be appropriate. Many people choose to install a combination bar and worktop at worktop height and use chair-height stools in the space.