Jungle theme clothing ideas

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When you are going to a jungle-themed party or you simply want a touch of the wild in your wardrobe, consider wearing jungle-themed clothing. Jungle-themed clothing does not need to be over the top, though it certainly can be if you wish, and there is a great deal of room for it to be elegant, simple and classy as well. Choose jungle-themed clothing for appropriate occasions and show off vibrant colours and beautiful prints.

Animal Print Dresses

If you are interested in a dramatic statement, consider an animal-print sheath dress. If you want something colourful, try the contrasts offered by black and orange tiger stripes or the black spots on gold of a cheetah skin. For a monochromatic look, choose zebra stripes. If you love the idea of animal prints but shy away from strong patterns, choose instead a tawny gold dress that is reminiscent of a lion's pelt. Pair the dress with matching shoes or shoes in a sleek black patent leather for contrast.

Animal T-shirts

If you want something more simple but still jungle-themed, search out an appropriate T-shirt. T-shirts are best for casual wear, but they can also be very appropriate for a themed get-together, or offered as a gift to a child. Wear a T-shirt with your favourite animal printed on the front. For a more subtle look, choose a T-shirt with animal tracks on it.

Leafy Greens

When people think of jungles, they imagine dense green vegetation and brightly coloured flowers. Choose dresses or shirts that reflect this. Look for clothing with leafy green prints on them, especially if they come adorned with hibiscus flowers or other brightly coloured tropical blooms. If you shy away from too much colour, pair a jungle-print skirt with a plain black top or vice-versa.


When you are planning a jungle-themed outfit, the right accessory goes a long way. For example, dress up a plain outfit with an animal print scarf, or wear a pair of snakeskin pumps to match the textures on a skirt or shirt. Fascinators are adorned headbands and you can find ones that have brightly coloured feathers or false tropical flowers in them. Accessorising is cheaper than buying a whole new outfit, and it can still be very striking.

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