Crib Tents for Cats

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Cats do not suffocate babies, despite the old wives tale. Cats are sometimes drawn to babies because they are a soft heat source, something most cats cannot resist. Still, babies and cats need supervision when they live in the same household. Crib tents keep your cat out of the baby's crib and prevent the baby from falling out. Companies who sell crib tents claim they will give you peace of mind; however, there are important safety concerns, and it's important to be informed and do your research before getting a crib tent. Consumer Reports alleges they are not safe.

Crib Dome Tent

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Tents for the baby crib are made of strong clear netting, which is attached to a plastic frame in a dome shape, both of which are strong enough to support a cat. There is a zipper opening in the front to get the baby out. These types of dome crib tents are attached either to the top bar of the crib or down at the mattress with security clips.

Canopy Crib Tent

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The canopy crib tent is as beautiful as it is practical. The canopy is made of strong clear netting that attaches to the ceiling with an interior frame. The canopy crib tent drapes down around the entire interior of the crib and tucks around the bottom of the crib mattress with elastic, similar to a fitted sheet. This type of tent blocks the slats to keep things in and out of the crib. Your baby won't be able to protrude her arm or leg outside of the crib slats, and cats and other creatures can't enter the crib. There is a large zipper so you can remove your baby.

Where to Buy

There are many places you can purchase your crib tent should you decide that this is still the best option for you. Aside from the many baby product sites, Amazon and a host of other online stores sell these items. Purchasing online allows you to read product reviews from those who have bought and are using the product. Read the reviews from consumers, not the promotional materials from the manufacturer or distributor, to get the best product for your needs.

Safety of Crib Tents for Cats

The companies that sell crib tents claim they are very safe, but It's important for parents to know that the track record of crib tents isn't perfect. According to Safety Research and Strategies Inc. crib tents are, "another hazard from the world of unregulated child products." It also states there has been at least "10 incidents involving crib tents or canopies in which a child was entangled in the mesh, the dome inverted, or the child managed to tear a hole in the canopy entrapping the child." Two children have died due to crib tents. According to Consumer Reports, "netting or other crib tents should not be used."

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