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BBQ food ideas for large groups

Updated April 17, 2017

Barbecuing is a fun way to gather friends and family to enjoy some good food, conversation and quality time. Although barbecue is well-loved by many, when grilling for a crowd, you might feel a little unsure of what to make. One perk to preparing a barbecue menu is that your options are almost endless.

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Hot dogs and hamburgers

Hot dogs and hamburgers are two food items almost everybody loves and they can be stretched to make the portions and your budget go a long way. Hot dogs are inexpensive and minced meat is often a sale item at the grocery store, especially during the barbecuing months. These two foods are good to have on hand at a barbecue for the kids in attendance or for the picky eaters that may not like other grilled options. For juicy burgers, buy meat with a lower fat content. This prevents grill fire flareups which make the meat dry and unevenly cooked.

Chicken with BBQ sauce

Chicken is another top choice when barbecuing for a crowd. Many people may think of buying individual chicken pieces to grill, but when preparing for a large group, the most cost efficient way to buy chicken is to buy the entire bird and separate it yourself at home. Whole chickens are typically inexpensive, and you get more variety for your money. Placing your chicken pieces on the grill with a layer of barbecue sauce is sure to win over your crowd of hungry guests.

Corn on the cob

Everyone loves the taste of grilled veggies at a barbecue and corn on the cob is a popular choice. This vegetable grills quickly and gives off a smoky flavour. During summer, when barbecuing is in season, you can buy an immense amount of corn on the cob for a low price, which comes in handy when serving a large group of people.

Baked beans

Barbecued baked beans are a marvellous addition to any barbecue meal. They are fairly inexpensive, depending on how you choose to make them, and they go a long way. You can add or subtract ingredients to suit your taste or the taste of your guests. Although homemade baked beans take a while to cook, all you really need to do is check on them from time to time and stir. This leaves you time to prepare the rest of the meal while the beans simmer.

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