Features of an Electronic Diary

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Electronic diaries are one of the inventions of the digital age that make life easier. Employers often dispense them to their employees because they increase productivity. An electronic diary can come in the form of software or direct download to your laptop, desktop or smartphone, or as an electronic device that looks like a touch screen cell phone. It helps you organise different aspects of your life including personal and professional, including networking with your business associates.


If your electronic diary is linked to the Internet, you can network your diary with ones of your family members and business associates. This allows you to stay in touch with and keep track of family members. It also allows you to communicate easily with a group of business associates without having to write a specific note to each person or e-mail and carbon copy everyone. All the specifics are available online so everyone has access to them at all times.

Personal Organizer

The majority of electronic diaries include a personal organiser with a calendar that allows you to add appointments with a colour-coding option to keep your personal and business appointments separate. You can set up multiple calendars for different aspects of your life or notifications to alert you to a certain event or meeting.

Address Book & To-Do List

An address book is likely included in your electronic diary, and some diaries that are Internet-connected can maintain your address book through your network, connecting it to your employer's server or social media sites. There is also a to-do list feature that allows you to create multiple to-do lists under customised categories. You can network these to-do lists with your co-workers, which helps streamline work flow management.

Work Flow Manager

With the help of an Internet-connected electronic diary, you can create a work flow that is available to all members working on a project. This allows each person to know what is left to be done, what is being done and what has been done. All persons on the team can add to the work flow chart and attach documents that other team members might need or find useful. This feature allows for better time management and communication between work teammates.

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