How to Make a Rope Cargo Net

cargo net image by Jeff Dalton from

Rope cargo nets are often used in playgrounds or training fields. These nets serve as ladders or training tools in various physical challenges. Rope cargo nets have been used for decades as part of military obstacle courses.

Although you can buy a pre-made net in stores, creating one yourself can serve as a good military practice. By knotting the rope properly and cutting the rope to the correct length, you can come up with the perfect rope cargo net to use for training.

Measure six pieces of 8-foot polyester climbing rope, and cut them using a utility knife. Lay the pieces on a flat surface, keeping them parallel to each other and spaced a foot apart.

Tie a slipknot starting from the top of the leftmost rope, and tie another knot a foot down, repeating this process until you reach the end of the rope. You should have a total of six knots. Perform the same step for the five remaining ropes.

Cut six more pieces of 8-foot polyester climbing rope, and place these ropes horizontally across the first group of vertical lengths of rope. Start from the bottom of the ropes, and work your way to the top. Make sure that each rope is spaced a foot apart.

Tie a simple knot above the first knot, starting from the lower left of the crossed ropes, to begin the cross sections. Secure the other portions of the net by tying a new knot above each knot that you previously made to secure all the ropes' knots for every vertical rope length. The double knots will strengthen the rope cargo net. Repeat the same step for each horizontal section.

Cut the excess lengths of the net or rope using a utility knife, so that you end with a 5-by-5-foot grid. Seal the ends of the rope using a lighter to prevent them from fraying.