How to Make a Miniature Flag Pole

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Making miniature flag balls can be accomplished with common craft items or with the aid of a computer and printer. Scale replicas of flags add an increased sense of realism to a diorama or miniature scene display.

Model railroad and dollhouse scale sizes range from size "Z" at 1:220 of authentic size to "L" or large scale, which is 1:12 of natural size. A model train scale converter can guide in creating the right size pieces for your miniature display. Once you make a miniature flag, you will need to create a base so the flag can stand on your display. Modelling clay in an earth-tone will typically hold the pole in place.

Use the scale converter chart or software to determine the correct size for your flag pole display. If you do not know what scale size your diorama or project is, the chart can help you choose the correct size to match your display space.

Purchase a dowel rod from your local hardware or hobby store. The width and length of dowel rods vary. You may need to have the rod cut or cut it yourself to get the scale length desired. A handsaw or hacksaw will cut easily though the lightweight rod. Measure the rod and make a cut line with a permanent marker before cutting. Sand away any rough edges around the cut with sand paper.

Paint the dowel rod white with acrylic craft paint. Paint one side of the rod and allow to dry for at least one hour before turning it to paint the other side. Once the full coat of paint is thoroughly dry and no longer "tacky" to the touch, you can add a clear coat. If you choose a spray acrylic clear coat, use only in a well-ventilated area or outside. The clear coat adds a shine to the paint and prevents chipping. Allow the coating to dry for 24 hours.

Measure and cut the cardstock or fabric to the desired scale size. The converter will aid you once again in determining the proper flag banner size. You can either draw the flag design onto the cardstock or fabric with permanent markers, use craft paints to adorn the material or print the flag design from the Internet. Once the ink or paint dries on the paper or fabric, glue the flag banner to the pole. You can use either hot glue or tacky glue to adhere the banner firmly in place.