What Products Are Available for Sitting Up in Bed?

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Sitting up in bed while sleeping or relaxing can relieve discomfort caused by a number of medical conditions, including acid reflux disease and pregnancy.

It can also make bed rest more manageable because it can allow a person to perform many enjoyable sedentary activities, such as completing crafts, writing, reading and watching television.

Bed Rest Pillows

Bed rest pillows are the cheapest option. These cushions are shaped like the back and arms of a chair. They support the user's torso, but not her head and neck. They are priced between £13 and £18 as of 2011. All are available for sale online.

Adjustable Bed Rest Pillows

There are a number of specialised bed pillows offered by many retailers that allow people to comfortably sit up in bed whether to sleep or relax. They are firm, but cushioned, and are also shaped like the back and arms of a chair. They typically support the user's entire torso and feature a separate adjustable head and neck pillow. These models are more expensive because they allow users to adjust the recline, head and arms of the pillow.

Bed Wedges

Bed wedges are similar to bed pillows, but are shaped differently. Bed wedges are firm triangular block pillows. They create a comfortable slope and support the entire torso. They do not have arms and are not adjustable, though they do come in multiple sizes, including king, queen and twin. These products can be found online.

Adjustable Mattresses

The most comprehensive option is to purchase an adjustable mattress. These models allow users to adjust the recline of a mattress between a 90 degree seated position and flat lying position. All are electronically controlled. Each side of queen- and king-size mattresses are independent, allowing partners to achieve their own degree of recline without disturbing the other. These mattresses are priced between £1,040 and £3,120 as of 2011.