Types of Security Tags Used in Retail Shops

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Security tags are used on items in retail stores to help prevent thieves from leaving with the item or items. There are several different types of security tags used, such as super, gator, clam and ink pins. However, for the tags to work properly sensormatic tag security systems need to be put in place and working by the entrances and exits of the store. If the thief tries sneaking out with an item from the store the sensors in the security tag will set off the sensormatic tag security system making a loud noise so you will be aware of the situation.

Super Tags

Super tags are pinned onto clothing, shoes and fabric items. They have a sleek look and are made from hard plastics, which helps prevent thieves from breaking it or pulling the tag off easily without damaging the item. Super tags come in the colours of white and sometimes grey. These security tags work well with sensormatic tag security systems. Sensormatic removal systems are needed to remove these security tags.

Gator Tags

Gator tags can be pinned to items made of fabric, shoes, furniture, clothing, handbags and hats.

They are made from with outer shells made from hard plastic and have locking mechanisms which make it harder for a thief to take the tag off an item. However, gator tags only work with sensormatic microwave security systems and can only be removed with the sensormatic detachers.

Ink Pin Tags

Ink pin tags are security tags made with hard plastic shells with inks in the centre near the pins. If a thief tries to steal an item from the store by first trying to remove the tag by hand the ink will explode all over the item and the thief. Ink pin tags can be used on all items in a retail store and work well with most sensor security tag systems like Checkpoint, Knogo, Sensormatic and Sentech. You will need a sensormatic removal system to remove ink pin tags.

Clam Tags

Clam tags come in all different sizes but are round in shape. The larger these security tags are the better because the security system can pick up on the tags easier. These tags can be pinned to any item, such as clothing, shoes, towels, handbags, blankets, curtains, rugs and baskets. Clam tags work well with 8.2MHZ security tag systems. A magnetic detacher is the only way to remove these security tags.

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