Signs of a Midlife Crisis in Men

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A midlife crisis is a situation some men find themselves in during their middle-aged years. At this time in a man's life, he may start thinking about everything he has--or hasn't--done in his life. He may feel the need to make drastic decisions not typical of his personality. Many signs and symptoms point to a midlife crisis in men.

Loss of Energy

When a man is experiencing a mid-life crisis, there are often emotional and physical changes going on. One physical symptom is a loss of energy. Many men might feel more lethargic than they did in the past, and this may lead to weight gain and loss of muscle. This physical symptom of a midlife crisis can lead to more psychological symptoms, including depression and altered self-image.


A man experiencing a midlife crisis might often find himself in a bad mood, or irritable. This is a common symptom of midlife crises, as men going through this experience often find themselves unhappy with the current state of their lives. A man might feel he has not done everything he has wanted to do by this point in his life, or he may feel that his life is not adequate. These general feelings can often have an impact on daily life.


A major symptom of a midlife crisis is depression. Many men going through mid-life crises find themselves sad and depressed about the current state of their lives. This depression can become a strain on relationships. Sometimes, depression leads men to make rash decisions--such as to buy that dream car, or take a solo trip--to see whether these things make them feel better about their lives.


Men going through midlife crises are often so confused and consumed with their emotional state, that there are physical side effects as well. In some men, impotence is a symptom of a midlife crisis. Erectile dysfunction can be a humiliating and worrisome condition for a man, and can be a result of a midlife crisis. The man may try to make up for his lack of performance by trying to appear more macho, and even younger in some cases.

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