Problems Setting Up the LeapFrog Connect

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Certain electronic products by LeapFrog offer parents and children the ability to connect the toy to a computer for an enhanced learning experience. Besides functional applications, such as adding and removing files, LeapFrog Connect allows parents to track their child's progress with games that are played on the toy. Children also earn rewards by playing their toy and can cash-in those rewards through LeapFrog Connect for intangible items, such as treats for virtual pets. If LeapFrog Connect fails to launch, check the toy's USB cable connection and your computer's settings.


Toys that utilise LeapFrog Connect, such as the Tag reading systems and Leapster Gaming devices, will come with a CD to install the application onto a computer. While proper installation requires an Internet connection, the CD itself isn't necessary. Parents can download the Connect application from LeapFrog's website. Once installed, LeapFrog Connect will launch automatically when the toy is plugged into the computer through the USB cable that came with the toy. If the application doesn't launch, make sure you have the USB cable in the correct ports on the computer and on the toy. Make sure that the toy is turned on, which signals to the computer, through the cable, to start LeapFrog Connect.

Firewall Settings

Certain settings on your computer's antivirus software may prevent the transfer of data between the LeapFrog toy and LeapFrog Connect. For example, if you have McAfee Internet Security, open this application by clicking on the McAfee icon at the bottom of your computer screen. Click on "Firewall," then "Settings," then "Program Permissions." If LeapFrog Connect Application is listed as being blocked, click the "Edit" button, change access to "Full" in the drop-down menu, and then click "Save." Parents also can contact LeapFrog's customer support for assistance.


The LeapFrog toy must be able to turn on to launch LeapFrog Connect. If the toy doesn't power on, replace the batteries and try turning on the toy again. If after correctly changing the batteries the toy still doesn't turn on, contact LeapFrog's customer support (see Resources) in regards to possible electronic malfunctioning.


Once the LeapFrog toy and Connect application are in sync, the program may signal at the top of the page that critical updates need to be installed. These updates can include new games and rewards. The update notification will instruct parents to download the Connect application again. Parents need to click the "OK" button when prompted to begin the process, which can take up to 10 minutes and will signal to the parent at the top of the page when the download process is complete. Only after this download is installed successfully can parents and children continue on with the Connect application.

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