Foods of the '50s & '60s

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The 1950s and 1960s were a time of hula-hoops and the beginning of rock and roll. It was also a time that comfort foods and casseroles were the main course on almost every kitchen table.

Butter, cream and other fattening foods were certainly not blacklisted during this era and this was the era in which fast foods chains became popular.


The appetizers of the 1950s usually consisted of a bacon-wrapped or pastry-wrapped treat. Fruit cups and melon balls began during the '50s. Anything in the shape of a ball, such as cheese balls, ham balls and egg balls, were popular during this time. In the '60s, appetizers during this time consisted of devilled eggs and small pizzas. Fondue often was a hit at dinner parties during this time.

Soups and Salads

Soups and salads in the '50s and '60s were based around butter and cream. Split pea soup, gumbo, cream of tomato and corn chowders were all the rage during this era. Beans and lentils became popular and three bean salads were a starter for many courses in the 1950s. The iceberg wedge salad was invented during the '60s and Caesar salads, French dressing and sour cream gained in popularity at the dinner table. During the end of the '60s, fast food chains began to highlight salad bars to keep with the trends.

Main Courses

Casseroles were on every table during this era. Tuna-potato chip, turkey, chicken and beef casseroles, ham, vegetable and salmon casseroles were all popular. Lasagnes, pot pies, kebabs and Swedish meatballs were also popular. During the 1960s, souffl├ęs, beef Wellington and soul food were emerging trends.


The vegetables that were served during the '50s and '60s usually were topped with butter, sour cream or cream. Creamed asparagus, creamed corn, creamed spinach and anything covered in cheese were traditional accompaniments to the popular casseroles.