How to Color Puff Pastry

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The flaky layers of puff pastry are a major part of a variety of desserts, from pies to turnovers to Brie coverings. Pastry adds both texture and an added touch to the final look of a dessert. However, puff pastry generally comes in a plain beige, almost white, colour. Although it is browned in the oven, for an added fun touch to the pastry, colour it before baking. From red for Valentine's Day to green for St. Patrick's Day, colours can be used on holiday-themed desserts.

Crack the egg in to the small bowl. Discard the shell.

Lightly whisk the egg using the fork. Continue this motion until it is slightly frothy.

Pour the water into the small bowl. Whisk it until it is combined with the egg.

Add the amount of food colouring desired. Whisk it together to combine.

Paint the egg-and-colour mixture evenly over the pastry before baking. Proceed with the baking as usual.

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