Halloween Costume Ideas: Philosopher

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Cowboys, monsters and aliens stand as far more obvious costumes than the noble philosopher. A philosopher won't turn any hearts cold with dread or fear. The thinkers of society truly serve an important role, but might not be the most obvious Halloween costume choice. Of course, Halloween costumes that stand apart from the masses are the most unique. Creating a philosopher costume is one way to get noticed on Halloween and get people thinking and questioning, which is the role of a philosopher.

Greek Philosopher

When hearing the word "philosopher," more often than not the image of Greek philosophers will be the first one to come to mind. A Greek philosopher's costumes is fairly simple. A white robe made from a sheet starts it off. Add some type of sandals and a rope to close the robe. Plastic leaves painted gold adorn the head. Other jewellery and decorations add style, but as long as the basic pieces are assembled, it's done.


A different image of a philosopher, specifically Socrates, is presented in the film "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." To achieve that look, begin with a one piece robe/tunic. Drape a second white cloth over one shoulder and around the waist. Those with hair should place a bald wig over their head, but attach some white wig hair just over the ears and allow it to hang down around the neck in the back. A white beard and moustache and sandals complete the costume.

The Thinker

The statue titled "The Thinker" is made of marble and bronze and was sculpted by Auguste Rodin. Over the years, "The Thinker" has become a symbol of philosophy. For that reason, while creating a costume of The Thinker might prove difficult, the rewards could be worthwhile. Basically a skin suit would be required, dyed a camouflage green. Of course, in order for people to understand the costume, expect to assume the pose numerous times.

Wizarding Philosopher

A more obscure concept involves the original title of the first Harry Potter book. While the first book in the series bore the title "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" in the United States, in other parts of the world it was "Philosopher's Stone." Creating a wizard philosopher could play on that fact. Black robes create the main part of the costume. Long white hair and a beard, along with a staff, finish it off.

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