The Best Things to Mix With Bailey's Alcohol

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You can do more with Bailey's Irish Cream than add it to coffee. Bailey's is an Irish whiskey mixed with cream that has a smooth texture and a notable taste.

The next time you host a get-together, surprise your guests with mixers such as vanilla ice cream, brandy or even hot chocolate to create the best Bailey's drink.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is not just for desserts. When it comes to mixing Bailey's with vanilla ice cream, the result can be a creamy whiskey shake referred to as the "Bailey's Dream Shake." Add a little chocolate syrup to your vanilla ice cream to get a chocolate Bailey's shake, or maple syrup to get a Hogarth.


Schnapps is a form of distilled alcohol which comes in a variety of flavours that range from butterscotch to hazelnut to peppermint. Schnapps can be mixed with Bailey's to create several signature drinks as well. To create a Flaming Skull, you need equal parts butterscotch schnapps, cinnamon schnapps and Bailey's cream heated together and served in a mug. For a seasonal drink, mix equal parts Bailey's and butterscotch schnapps with one part eggnog over ice for a Slippery Egg.

Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Mary's do not have to be served alone for a good pick-me-up. For an Irish Bloody Mary, mix Bailey's with ice and Bloody Mary mix in a glass and top with celery, pickle spears and filberts.


Mixing Bailey's with soda can leave a refreshing feel as you drink it. For a Tummy Blower fill a glass with two parts lemon-lime soda and three parts Bailey's; mix them together and drink it really fast. For a soda mixer, you do not have to consume quickly. Mix Bailey's cream with cola soda and equal parts milk to create a Mooning Irish Pepsi.

Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot chocolate mix can be doctored up in several ways -- including with Bailey's cream. Prepare a mug of regular hot chocolate mix and add 29.6ml. Bailey's Irish Cream to the glass. You can finish the mug off with whipped cream and cherries or serve it plain.