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Ideas for Gift Vouchers

Updated February 21, 2017

If you need to find a gift for a friend or family member for his birthday or upcoming holiday, then consider purchasing a gift voucher. Sometimes referred to as a gift card or gift token, the voucher will allow the recipient to choose when he wants to use or experience your gift.

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Helicopter Experience

While your friend might be accustomed to flying in a plane, he might have never experienced a helicopter ride before. If you live near a big city or point of interest, see if there is a helicopter company that offers recreational rides in and around the local landscape. For example, in Las Vegas, there is a helicopter ride that visits the Grand Canyon. Viewing the national landmark from the helicopter will give you a perspective many never get to experience. One thing to consider before purchasing the voucher is to make sure your friend is OK riding in helicopters and does not have a fear of heights. A deftly posed question while you are all hanging out will allow you to get your answer without revealing your gift voucher plans.

Horseback Riding

If your friend loves horses, then give her a gift voucher for a horseback riding experience. There are experiences available for the novice to experienced rider. Ideas include a two-hour trail ride, a guided tour by horseback, or a ride along the beach where you pack a picnic for the day. The horseback riding company will have several options for your friend to use her gift voucher. Also, if she is just starting out, she might want to put the voucher toward getting some basic lessons.

Sushi Class

If your friend loves Japanese cuisine, and specifically sushi, then purchase a sushi class gift voucher for him to enjoy. Whether he has already had some experience making sushi, or he is just starting out, there is a sushi class suited for him. You can select a course that is several hours and covers some basic sushi making, or you can purchase a gift voucher for a more advanced class where the students get into actually filleting the fish, and creating more advanced rolls and dishes.


If your friend has really been trying to balance her life in terms of getting enough exercise and reducing the stress in her life, then purchase her a gift voucher for a series of yoga classes. She can decide if she wants to take a certain type of yoga such as Bikram, Power or Kundalini. As a complementary gift, you can give a yoga mat and yoga clothing apparel that she can wear during the yoga class. If you're so inclined, you can even join her for the sessions.

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