Ideas for 50th birthday gifts for men

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The big five-oh is a birthday worth celebrating. This birthday is a milestone that can't be ignored. Give the 50-year-old man in your life a birthday gift that he will cherish forever, or make him laugh out loud with a humorous present that recognises what it's like to grow older.

Funny Gift Basket

If the birthday guy has a good sense of humour, you can't go wrong with an over-the-hill gift basket. Make your own gift basket filled with items that might be needed by older men. For instance, fill a bottle with blue candies and write "Viagra" on the label. Throw in some reading glasses, haemorrhoid cream and Polygrip denture adhesive. Use your creative imagination and give him a gift basket that adds humour to a milestone that might be causing some anxiety.

Digital Photo Album

A digital photo frame with all of his favourite photos on it is an up-to-date gift for someone turning 50. Include pictures from the past 50 years of his life. Show him how proud he should be of all he has accomplished.

Wish Come True

If you know there is something that he has wanted to do for years, but just hasn't found the time or money to accomplish, make his wish come true. Have everyone pitch in a certain amount of money for a plane ticket so that he catch up with the college buddy he hasn't seen in 30 years or explore the city he's always dreamed of visiting.

Personalised T-shirt

Get him a 50-year T-shirt from Café Press with his birth year, or order a personalised airbrushed slogan and design at a T-shirt shop. There are many T-shirts available with humorous sayings about reaching 50, like "Who knew 50 could look this good?" or "It took me 50 years to look this good."

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