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Prayers & Rituals for the Ouija Board

Updated March 23, 2017

The ouija board is a method of divination that you can use to seek answers about the future. The ouija board is a board that contains letters, numbers and "yes" or "no" words. To use the board, two people (or a single person) ask a specific question and use the planchette (triangular pointer) to spell out a message. Users of the ouija board can incorporate different rituals and prayers during their divination sessions.

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Cleansing Rituals

When you decide to use the ouija board, first physically and spiritually cleanse the board so that nothing will impede the process of receiving messages. You can physically cleanse the ouija board by taking a dry silk cloth and wiping the board free of dust and grime. To spiritually cleanse the board, burn a sage herb bundle or sage incense and let the smoke from the herb encompass the board and your surroundings. Other options of cleansing incenses that you can burn are myrrh, frankincense, lemon or lavender.

Opening Prayers

Before you ask the ouija board a specific question, you may want to begin with an opening prayer, which you can speak, chant or sing. If you have a god, goddess, guardian angel or spirit(s) to whom you feel connected, ask her for guidance and security. Light a black candle for divination and a white candle for protection, or burn incense, such as frankincense and myrrh, when you pray to a deity or spirit to ask for blessings.

Grounding Rituals

Before using the ouija board, it is important to clear your mind of cluttered thoughts. Let go of the day's stresses by centring yourself within your body and focusing on your steady breathing. You need a clear state of mind, so you should not attempt to use the ouija board if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Hold a hematite stone to ground yourself or perform a short meditation to focus your concentration. Once you feel rooted to the earth, ask the ouija board a specific question.

Closing Prayers

After you have received an answer from the ouija board, you can end your divination session with a closing prayer. If you prayed to a spirit or deity in the opening prayer, thank that spirit or deity for his guidance and protection. Create your own prayer, chant or song, or use one that you are familiar with, to end the ouija board session. If you lit candles or incense in the opening rituals, use this time to snuff them out as you say your closing prayer.

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