Ideas for Campaigning for Prom Queen

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Since the mid-1900s, the prom, short for "promenade," has been a right of passage for American teenagers. At most high schools, a prom king and queen are elected by the student body leading up to the evening dance and announced during the prom itself. Often characterised as a popularity contest, some teens take election efforts into their own hands and rally a campaign around themselves.


An old-fashioned, yet effective, method of campaigning for prom queen is to create posters and flyers to distribute among the voting student body. Develop catchy slogans and design a colourful script and post throughout the hallways of your high school. Affix smaller flyers to notice boards in the cafeteria, homeroom classes and on the windshield of cars within your school's student car park. Be sure, however, that posting areas are permissible by your school's administration.

Sweet Treats

An appealing mode of marketing yourself for prom queen is through the edible variety. Purchase lollipops or chocolate bars and affix a slogan to the candy, such as "Vote for [Candidate Name] for Prom Queen." The week leading up to the prom court election, distribute the candy as well as your message to voting students throughout your school's hallway, lunch room or homeroom classes. When distributing, reinforce your message with a verbal request to vote for you for prom queen.

Go Viral

According to a recent study by Pew Internet Research, 73 per cent of American teens ages 12 to 17 utilise social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A modern and effective method of campaigning for prom queen is to create a Facebook page and Twitter account to reach members of your student body. Send messages and write posts demonstrating why you would make the best candidate. Create a video post for YouTube outlining who you are and what prom queen would mean to you.


The day before your student body elects the prom king and queen, visit the homeroom classes and make a direct speech campaigning to your classmates. Dress appropriately and speak clearly as you address them. For schools that are too large to visit all of the homeroom classes in one day, ask your school administrator if you are allowed to participate in that day's morning announcements and address the entire student body at once.

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