Student Gift Ideas From Teachers

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The best teachers inspire those they guide and encourage pupils to dream. Further encourage these visions of a successful future by giving your students gifts. Students leaving school often are heading for college or jumping into an uncertain job market. A precious memento and reminder of a favourite teacher touches the hearts of these digitally aware but inexperienced new citizens.

Computer Telephone Service Gift

A computer-to-computer telephone service, known as a VoIP, is an efficient method to ensure students maintain contact with their teachers and alma mater as they move on and out into the world. Most of today's students use computers, own a laptop or have access to them at home or school. These free services offer features such as video and conference calls between computers, as well as an instant messenger feature. The most popular programs, like Skype or the Google "video and voice plug-in," take a few minutes to download and set up. Teachers can aid their students to do this as a parting gift.

Shares in the Future Gift

The gift of a single share in a company costs very little, depending on the company, and offers business students bound for the world of commerce a first taste of stock ownership. These imaginative student gifts from teachers are also hands-on tools for teaching lessons about the rise and fall of the U.S. markets, because the value of them changes throughout the day. Students track the progress of their share by watching the relevant stock exchange feeds. As an additional bonus, owning even one share in certain companies qualifies the shareholder to a free gift or discount on its products or services. These stocks and certificates of ownership are available from Internet-based companies that specialise in selling single shares. Students under the age of 18 must provide the name of a guardian or parent for the ownership certificate.

Land Ownership Gift for a Class

The ownership, complete with a certificate, of a one-inch-square plot of land in every U.S. state is an original gift for a whole class of students from their teacher. It's also a teaching tool, when combined with a map and coloured pins, which engages even the most unenthusiastic geography pupil in the study of this continent. These tiny parcels of land are available from online vendors, cost approximately £13 and include a digital version of the land deed.

Gift Cards for Students

Gift cards for a magazine or stationery from a local bookstore are one of the most useful presents from a teacher to his students. The increasing costs of tuition, loans and living costs mean today's students are budget-conscious and prefer contributions towards their studying expenses, even over the traditional graduation gifts.

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