Adult Bachelor's Party Games

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Stag parties, or stag parties, date back further than the raunchy games that are played in today's parties. Dating back to the fifth century BC, it is believed that the Spartans were the first who celebrated the groom's last night as a single man. The term stag party first appeared in a Scottish publication in 1922 used to describe a "jolly old" party. While no one knows for sure when such party games became prevalent, the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the 1980s comedies on television have made adult party games the thing to do during stag parties.

Don't Say a Word

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In the Don't Say a Word drinking game, the person in charge starts out by making up a list of words ahead of time and writing them down. Some of the more common choices include: the bride's name, stripper, and wedding. The list can be as long or short as you choose. At the start of the evening, either give everyone a copy of the list, or read out the words that are on the list. From that point on, anytime someone at the stag party says one of those words, he must take a drink or shot.

Scavenger Hunt

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Stag party scavenger hunts normally border on raunchy. Typically the list of things to find/do include: get a kiss from a female, get a pair of female panties, get a tampon from a female, have a female do a body shot off you, and get a lap dance from a female. The person in charge of the game can customise the items on the scavenger hunt list to the situation, people attending the party, or the party location.

A scavenger hunt can also be incorporated into a drinking game. Once again, the rules can be customised. Some options include: participants taking a drink when they find items on the list, having the last person to find an item take a drink, allowing the first person to find an item to be excluded from taking a drink, and so on.

Ring of Fire

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With a few willing participants, a deck of cards, and some drinks you have everything you need for Ring of Fire drinking game. Lay out all the cards in the deck, face down in a circle on the table. In the middle of the cards, place an empty pint glass. Each player takes turns turning over one card. Different cards have different meanings: Black ace, two, three, four or five: you have to drink that number of fingers of your drink. For example: If the card is a two, hold two fingers together, horizontal against your glass. Red ace, two, three, four or five: you designate someone else playing the game to drink that number of fingers of his drink. Six: The person who turned over a six gets to make up a rule and anyone caught breaking this rule has to take a drink.

Other examples of rules you can make for the game: anytime someone says a number that is a multiple of seven (7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42) or says a number that has a seven in it (7, 17, 27, 37, 47) everyone has to clap. Anyone who fails to clap must take a drink. Eight: Any time an eight is turned over, the last person to press his thumb to his forehead has to take a drink. Nine: If you turn over a nine, you are allowed a bathroom break. Jack: When a jack is turned over everyone must slap themselves on the forehead. The last person to do so must take a drink. Queen: Everyone toasts to the queen and takes a drink. King: When the king is turned over, everyone must pour a bit of their drink into the empty glass in the middle of the table. When the fourth (last) king on the table is turned over, the person who turned it over has to drink everything in the glass in the middle of the table.

Limo Drinking Game

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This is a good game to play on the way to the party to ensure everyone has already started drinking. You will need a sticky pad, something to write with, and plenty of drinks. Each person picks a colour, writes it down on a sticky note and then sticks it on his forehead. Any time a person spots a vehicle of his own colour, he must take one drink. If someone else spots a vehicle that is another person's colour before that person sees the vehicle, the person who picked that colour must then take two drinks. The amount of drink to be taken can be customised for the situation. If there are a lot of cars, make the amount to drink less than if you are in a rural area with few cars. Another option is for everyone to be on the lookout for the same colour. This way there is no sticky pad needed. In this situation, the person who spots the properly coloured car does not have to drink that time, but everyone else does.

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