Traditional housewarming gifts

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Traditional housewarming gifts hold significant meaning. Bread is given, for example, to signify your desire that the homeowners never go hungry. These traditions can still be honoured, but you can add your own unique or contemporary style to the housewarming gift. Include a little message with your gift when giving these traditional housewarming items so that the homeowners know the meaning behind them.


Traditionally housewarming gifts of food are given to signify different things. Salt gifts symbolise spice suggesting that new homeowners have spice or flavour in their lives. A spice rack filled with different types of seasoning salts makes an ideal housewarming gift. Good health and well being can be signified by a gift of olive oil. Gift baskets containing flavoured olive oil are decorative and useful. Rice signifies fertility so give a gift of rice bowls with a mixture of different types of rice, a dessert or casserole containing rice honours this tradition. Bread gifts symbolise your desire for the new homeowners to always have plentiful food. A bread machine is a gift that takes a contemporary turn on this tradition or give the homeowners a gift basket containing speciality breads and items complimenting the breads such as jams, spreads and bread knives.


Candles symbolise light and can be given as a housewarming gift along with a note to homeowners wishing for them to have light in their lives to banish dark times. Give a basket of scented candles in decorative holders or give them a variety of coloured candles matching their home decor. Gift and speciality stores also sell candles with verses or special meanings behind them. A friendship candle, for example, holds charms that are revealed as the candle burns down.


Plants are given as housewarming gifts to signify life. This traditional gift can be given as a house plant or a hanging basket for the deck or terrace. A gift basket filled with supplies for a new garden such as pots, soil, and seeds gives another spin on this traditional gift.


Wine is traditionally given to new homeowners to signify joy and as a symbol of your desire that the homeowners will never be thirsty. Wine is often a welcome gift that can be personalised as well. Have bottles of wine made at a local brewery with the date, names of the homeowners and a short verse or message. Another option is a basket of wine samples or favourite wines and snacks.


Wood is traditionally given to wish harmony and peace in the new home. This gift can be given in many modern forms. Furniture such as a coffee table or a chair is one option. Wooden picture frames or utensils for the kitchen are also ideal gifts for new homeowners.


Traditionally, brooms are given to signify cleanliness and to symbolise the ability to sweep out evil from a new home. Add other cleaning items such as mops, dusters or a vacuum to make this traditional gift more interesting. Homeowners with a garage would appreciate a push broom, and a straw broom is ideal for sweeping off decks and cement steps or walkways.


Coins represent luck and good fortune. Collectable coins are one option but this traditional housewarming gift can be modernised to suit the needs of the homeowners. Fill a piggy bank with coins to help homeowners start saving or give gift cards to local home improvement or supply stores to help the homeowners begin personalising their new house.

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