How to secure a leaning mirror to a wall

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Large leaning mirrors are a particularly nice addition to a bedroom or walk-in closet as it allows you to have a good full look when you are trying on outfits. It is important that a leaning mirror is leant securely against the wall, so that it does slide or fall over.

This requires very little materials and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Place mirror in desired position against the wall.

Make a mark on the wall with the pencil at the centre of the top of the mirror.

Move the mirror away from its position and measure 2 inches down from the pencil mark and make another mark.

Screw the wall anchor into the wall where you made the second pencil mark.

Screw one end of the cable to the wall anchor.

Reposition the mirror to its original location and screw the other end of the cable to the top of it.