Ideas on How to Decorate Biscuits for Children

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Much like cookies, biscuits can be decorated with frosting, candy, butter, jelly and other ingredients to create a visual display. When preparing recipes for several children, ask about allergies before using ingredients that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction, such as peanut butter or honey. Check to see if biscuit ingredients can be left out to allow decorations like frosting to harden. Refrigerate all items according to directions.

Holiday Themes

If you are decorating biscuits around the holidays, consider the traditional imagery for each of the holidays as you decorate. Jelly, frosting and other decorative material can be inserted into a cake decorator mechanism to apply to the biscuits. During the Christmas season, you may decorate a biscuit with bells, trees, bows, wreaths, ornaments or presents. On Valentine's Day, use flowers and hearts. For Halloween, use black, white and orange colours to create cats, ghosts, skeletons headstones, monsters, candy, witches and bats. Decorate Thanksgiving biscuits using images of pilgrim hats or the horn of plenty.

Gender-Specific Decorations

If the biscuit is for a boy, draw a truck or a sports-related item, such as a football or baseball, onto the biscuit with the use of a cake decorator mechanism. If frosting is included in a bag, cut the tip of the bag and apply pressure to slowly apply it to the biscuit. You may also consider decorating the biscuit with the outline of a cartoon character. Use food colouring dye with frosting to create a more detailed image. For girls, decorate biscuits with images of castles, flowers, crowns and dolls. Consider the kids' specific interests as you make the biscuits.


Use frosting to create a smiley face on the biscuits. Cut the corner of a bag of frosting, or insert frosting into a cake decorator mechanism. Draw two vertical lines that rest parallel to each other. Beneath the lines, draw a curve for the mouth. You could also draw hearts, bows, loops and dots. Attach candy pieces to frosting. Shake biscuits to remove excess and serve.


Draw the names of the children on their biscuits. Alternatively, try to recreate the logo of a favourite television show or brand on the biscuit. Other messages such as "I love you" or "Mom's favourite" could also be included on the biscuit. Allow frosting or other decorative materials to dry for an hour before you serve.

Simple Decorations

Use food colour dye to change the colour of the frosting. Smooth over the top of the biscuit. Decorate with candies such as bits of chocolate or sprinkles. You can also use frosting to create a dream catcher biscuit, with webs extending in different directions.

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