Homemade Thank You Gifts for Teachers

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If you can read this you know who to thank. That's right, the elementary teachers who taught you your letters, how to put them together into words and sound out the words as you read aloud in class. There is much to thank a teacher for and showing your appreciation through a homemade gift is both thoughtful and kind.


Get crafty with your child as you make your give. Make a sand candle as you place melted wax into a container hollowed out with sand or make a flower candle instead in the same container (without the sand) by adding scented oils and a couple of flower blossoms to the wax. A bookmark of clip art backed by wire or one of card stock stamped by your child with flowers, butterflies, books or apples can make a good gift.


Make a fresh fruit flower bouquet for your teacher. Wrap a festive ribbon around a glass and add cookie-shaped flowers out of soft fruit, such as cantaloupe, honey dew melons or pineapples on skewers with grapes into the glass. Make your own chocolate-covered cookies, espresso beans or pretzels. Or, you can make your own cookies, fudge or brownies and put them into a festive tin as a gift.


Give a "Thank you for Helping Me Grow" pot. Add drain holes to an empty plastic mayonnaise jar for use as the pot. Allow your child to embellish the jar as he decorates it with ribbons, covers it with tissue paper on the sides or paints it. Add dirt inside and a couple herb seeds, such as basil, mint, lavender or dill. Another option is to cut shavings off a house plant of your own, grow the seeds and transplant it into a pot for the classroom.


One thoughtful gift sure to be appreciated is a heartfelt card written by your child. Have your child write a letter to the teacher and decorate it with stamped items and sparkle paint. Place a small picture of your child and the letter into a frame for the teacher. Another option is organising the class and having each student write down on one paper what they appreciate most from the teacher and print it poster-size on the computer with a picture of the class to frame.

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