Food ideas for a rock n' roll party

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Despite what some may claim, rock 'n' roll never died. Prove it is still alive and well by throwing a rock and roll-themed party. Serve foods that bring to mind the rock and roll era or that make it feel like you're living the rock star life.

Elvis themed foods

He was the king of rock and roll. Honour Elvis Presley at your rock party by serving his favourite snack, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Spread peanut butter on two slices of white sandwich bread, then top with banana slices. Butter the other side of each slice of bread and press together. Fry, butter side down, on a frying pan, until golden brown, then flip the sandwich over. In addition to the sandwich, serve hot dogs, but call them "hound dogs." For dessert, serve pound cake, Elvis's favourite.

Rock concert food

Pretend the party guests are attending a rock concert and serve food you'd typically find at a stadium or arena. It won't be the healthiest, but the rock and roll lifestyle isn't known for its focus on health. Serve chips in paper bags, fried chicken fingers in red and white cardboard baskets and popcorn in bags. Serve soft drinks and other beverages in red plastic cups. Keep a marker handy so guests can write their names on the cups to cut down on waste.

Classic rock biscuits and pizza

Invest in rock and roll shaped biscuit cutters, such as a guitar shape, a jukebox or sunglasses shape. Prepare sugar biscuit dough, roll out, then cut out with the cutters. Use food colouring to dye and vanilla frosting or glaze to decorate the biscuits. You can also use the cutters to make rock and roll shaped mini-pizzas. Roll out pizza dough and cut out, then top with sauce, cheese and your favourite toppings.

Rock-themed sweets and drinks

Set up a sweets table full of rock and roll sweets. Fill a bowl with rock candy and set up a platter with sticks of rock. Come up with cute desserts inspired by rock bands old and new. For example, you could serve "Smashing Pumpkins pie" or "White Stripes candy canes." Mix cocktails, either virgin or with alcohol, based on your favourite songs. Mix rum, cream of coconut and blue Curacao for a Blue Hawaii. Garnish with a cherry and slice of pineapple. Puree berries and add to club soda or grape soda for a non-alcoholic, Purple Haze cocktail.

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