Things to Get for Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

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Getting the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend can be difficult; there are many things to consider -- your budget, his wants and likes. It is easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of getting the best present with so many things to consider. Sometimes, however, the best gift is the most practical. If you are stuck and clueless as to what to get, then look for something your boyfriend actually needs.


If your boyfriend enjoys having the latest gadget, consider getting him a new cell phone, gaming system or portable music player. If he plays video games frequently, keep your ears open for the newest game he is waiting to get. Your boyfriend might be in need of a new computer; if you have the budget, he would welcome the gift -- if it's really the computer he wanted.

Your boyfriend might be a book lover, in which case he would get a lot of use out of an eReader. These portable devices upload books in seconds and free up the bookshelf.


Your boyfriend might have a favourite sport -- hockey, football or baseball. If so, get him tickets to see his favourite team play. Be sure to get two tickets so you both can go and enjoy the game.

If tickets are outside of your budget, get him a nice jersey or T-shirt. For his birthday, surprise him with a recording of his team's biggest play of the season. Use that time to cook him his favourite meal.


If your boyfriend loves to download music, get him a gift card to his favourite store, such as iTunes or This way you do not have to figure out what music he already has or does not like.

Tickets to see your boyfriend's favourite band make another great gift. Even if the concert date does not fall on or around his birthday, it will give him something to look forward to.


If your boyfriend likes to keep things simple, get him a gift basket of his favourite things. Fill it with his favourite beer or liquor, magazine, cologne, T-shirts and other things he enjoys.

If your boyfriend works in a traditional office, get him a set of nice cuff links, silk tie and cashmere socks to add luxury to his day.

Your boyfriend may prefer the outdoors; fill his gift basket with sunscreen, lip balm, a reusable water canteen and other gadgets tailored to his favourite outdoor activity.

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