Where Can I Donate Toys for Kids?

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During the holiday season, children who live in domestic or homeless shelters, are suffering from an illness in a children's hospital, or are poor, can benefit greatly from your toy donation to a needy or sick children. Your toy donation lifts their spirits and inspires them with hope and the feeling of not being forgotten during the holiday season. You can donate to organisations like the Salvation Army, Toys For Tots, Goodwill or local churches.

Prepare Toy Donation

You should prepare your toy donation and make certain it is in suitable condition. Involve your child in the toy donation and preparation process. Let your child select the toy and talk about how beneficial it will be for child who will receive the donated toy or game. It is important for the toy to in working order and has all of its parts as well is cleaned, if necessary. Ensure the toy has not been recalled for safety reasons. Contact the charity before you make the donation to make certain the donation meets the charity's need.

Toys For Tots Program

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserves has a national toy donation program called Toys For Tots. The goal of the toy donation program is to deliver a much appreciated toy for a young needy child at Christmas. The Marine Corps Charity collects the tax deductible toy donations between October and December. The objective of the charity's annual toy collection and distribution campaign is to help less fortunate children grow into responsible and productive Americans. The Toys For Tots' campaign even hold special events like golf tournaments, bicycle races and other events to generate community interest and donations.

Homeless Shelter Donation

Children who reside temporarily in domestic abuse and homeless shelters are always in need of toy donations. While some cities have shelters for the homeless or domestically abused, many others do not. Donation Town is a national organisation that will pick up your toy donation and distribute it to a shelter that you select in your area or in one of the many cities listed on their website. Toy donation scheduled pick ups are conducted in cities like Cleveland, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas and Detroit. Donation Town will distribute your toy donation to your selected shelter or charity at any time of the year.

Childrens Hospital Donations

Lift a sick child's spirit by donating a toy to a children's hospital. Even better, promote a toy donation drive at your child's school, at your job or even in church or around the neighbourhood. If you have gently used video games, you may want to consider contacting the Child's Play charity. It is an organisation of 100,000 video gamers and 60 to 70 hospitals. Since 2003, the group has donated £4 million in donated games, toys and books to sick hospitalised children across America.

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