Food Suggestions for a Vintage Wedding

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A vintage wedding can be designed around a variety of eras, including the Big Band era, swing dancing and disco. When the bride and groom choose vintage as their theme, matching the music, food and clothing to that theme is all part of the fun. From the 1950s bobby socks, hamburgers and garlic fries to a glamorous 1940s Hollywood wedding of champagne, steak and a four-tiered cake, the selection of a vintage wedding theme says a lot about the couple's taste and character.

1940s Vintage Wedding

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Food in the 1940s was all about making do due to war rationing. Although fresh meat was a rationed item, canned sardines, or any fare from the sea, was cheap in the 1940s. When the rations were lifted in 1947, sugar was the number one ingredient used in every recipe; sweet sauces and candied fruit and vegetables, such as yams, were on every table. To capture the mood of the '40s, stuff sweet pastries with sardines, crabmeat or caviar, then serve lobster canapés decorated with a sugary glaze as hot appetizers. Add a cold platter of honey-glazed ham, turkey and roast beef with a variety of cheeses and sweet fruit-nut breads to represent the end of rationing. For a Big Bandera cake, request that it be shaped as a trumpet and arrange flutes of champagne around the table.

1950s Rock 'n' Roll Wedding

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Wearing saddle shoes, poodle skirts and eating the great American hamburger with french fries was the norm in the '50s. Creating a vintage 1950s event is easy when you offer french fries served in colourful paper cones and burgers as the main course. To help guests cleanse their palates, serve vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes. As dessert, serve fruit kebabs of melon, pineapple and strawberries paired with vanilla pudding dip. Instead of using a traditional wedding cake, place fancy cupcakes featuring frostings in different flavours on each guest table.

1960s Vintage Wedding

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The '60s brought a new form of sophistication with pillbox hats, Jackie Kennedy's two-piece suit and martinis. The flip side of the formal and elegant 1960s was the backyard barbecue featuring steak, baby back ribs, coleslaw, salads, Boston baked beans, potato salad and beer. With the flush economy and availability of canned and packaged food, the '60s were about less preparation or cooking time. Country fare was all the rage at most picnics and gatherings during the '60s. Whether your vintage wedding is casual or formal, choose menu options of the typical '60s fare that best suit your tastes. For example, at a summer wedding, nothing tastes better than fresh corn on the cob or miniature berry pies.

1970s Vintage Wedding

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The 1970s were about cultural varieties in food, including Southwestern, Chinese, Thai and Italian. Organic food was the norm as people began to appreciate healthier menu choices. Meals were events shared with friends and family over homemade bread, vegetarian casseroles and sliced organic tomatoes. To celebrate the 1970s with your wedding menu, serve hearty soups, salads that included every ingredient under the sun and smoothies made of fruits, grains and milk. Wedding cakes of the era were characterised by the addition of nuts, fruit and seeds, such as carrot cake or banana-walnut cake with cream cheese frosting; consider one such variety for your wedding.

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