Ideas for a Female Klingon Costume

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Klingon women are strong, bold, ferocious warriors. Their sense of fashion is just as fierce, but can seem daunting to duplicate. However, if you step back, choose a generation and strip out the embellishment, you'll find it's not as hard as you may think.

ORIGINAL SERIES: Mara's Jumpsuit

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In the original series of Star Trek, Mara appeared in a short jumpsuit with a long sleeved blouse. The jumpsuit can be easily replicated by finding a pattern for a smooth-fronted jumper or romper, adapting it to include a triangular piece that would go from below the belt and attach at the neckline, and adding a wide black belt. Either find or sew a simple long, bell-sleeved iridescent boat neck blouse and adding purple and gold gems on the collar where it sits near the collarbone. A pair of black sheer or fishnet stockings and knee-high black boots and styling hair into an updo completes the look.

LATER SERIES: Female Klingon Costumes from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek Generations

The base of the later female Klingon costume is the metallic dress. Under blouses and sleeves differ between character, rank and series. Start with either sewing or purchasing a metallic strapless gown that has a floor length hem. Cut the skirt into 3-4" wide strips from hem to waistline. Cut the strips into varying lengths, not going any higher than just below the length and no longer than the ankle. Serge the edges of each strip and then reattach the strips from the waist to mid-thigh. Choose a jewel-tone, low-neck blouse to wear underneath. To add body armour to the corset, use the pleather, metallic belting and hot glue or sew into place. Shoulder epaulettes and collars can also be made by sewing strips of the belting together. Fasten using snaps to the corners of the corset near the cleavage. Finish the look with high, black boots and black leggings.


For the original series Klingon look, the make-up isn't complicated and you should be able to replicate this easily with your everyday make-up or cosmetics found at the local chemist. The later series, however, has a far more complicated application. If you don't want to deal with prosthetics, use eyebrow powders and brown eye shadows to create the contours and dimension. Most important of all is to give the impression of ridges down the centre of the forehead and giving yourself thick, angled eyebrows. If you feel adventurous, explore the local costume shop for scar kits and other simple prosthetics. You can cut them apart and adhere them as instructed and then cover with a thick, dark skin-toned foundation.

Boldly go where no woman has gone before...

Klingons have a very extreme look. There is no such thing as "too much," so do not be afraid to overembellish your make-up, hair or costume. Study images and episodes and you'll find that, especially in the later series, there are quite a number of different costumes and accessories.

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