School Anniversary Ideas

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School anniversary celebrations offer staff and students the opportunity to reflect upon the events that have been pivotal in shaping the school since its founding. A school is not just an empty building, but instead an ever-developing community of learners and teachers. As you reach milestone anniversaries, consider organising celebratory events and creating opportunities for reminiscing on the past and looking toward the future.

School Anniversary Mural

Create a lasting decoration to commemorate the school anniversary by allowing students and staff to work together to create a school anniversary mural. Dedicate a prominent wall in the school to this project, and plan an expansive painting to cover the wall surface. Allow student artists and artistic staff to plan the mural, then encourage all students to take part in bringing the vision into fruition. Hold an unveiling ceremony, and invite the community members to attend the dedication of this mural.

School History Mini Museum

Create a collection of school history paraphernalia to celebration the school's anniversary. In the months leading up to this anniversary, collect photos, documents and other mementos of the school's past. Assign staff to catalogue and organise these gathered pieces of school history. Select a small room, preferably near the office, to turn into a mini-museum.

Frame the gathered information, or use display cases to make museum-quality displays. Add commentary to pieces, like you might find in an art or history museum. Dedicate the museum to the students and staff who have toiled so diligently in the pursuit of academic enrichment.

Allow community members and students to tour the museum. Keep the museum up to date as new events occue, and open it during community or parents nights, orientations or any other time when visitors will likely be in the building, so they outsiders have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the school's past.

Anniversary Photo Essay

Reflect upon the life of the school in pictures through the creation of a commemorative photo essay. Ask staff, students and alumni to donate pictures of themselves or others engaged in school activities or taking part in events at the school. Organise these photos chronologically to create a photo essay that depicts the school's history. Display these photos in proper order in a school hallway or the office, or copy the photos and bind them to create a book of school memories. Offer the book for sale to community members so everyone can own a piece of school history.

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