Summer house gifts

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If you were invited to a summer house and have to buy a fabulous gift for the host, there are plenty of options for you to choose from in several price ranges. A summer house is usually a mecca for entertainment and poolside dining. If you are staying for an extended period, demonstrate how grateful you are with a more high-end gift. Show up with a gift that makes a positive impression and you will surely be invited back.

Host Gifts

A bottle of summer wine is always a nice gesture; a mid-range price is appropriate. Check out the most recent wine publication for seasonal wine suggestions. High-end soaps are the perfect gift for the hostess; you can buy speciality soaps in department stores. Have the soaps wrapped or create your own mini basket of soaps using a bath tin, which you can buy at a home goods store.

Speciality Foods

Spices and spice sets are sure to be a hit for the host of a summer house; this will cut down on grocery runs and liven up any barbecue. Rare spices and marinades are a gift that you can put together using goods from a speciality grocery store. The best part about a spice gift is you can put together several items without breaking the budget. Popcorn tins come in a variety of gourmet flavours and will please house guests; wrap it and add a fruit platter to complete your gift.

Techie Gadgets

Fancy wine openers, wine savers and can openers make unique gifts that are also sure to be used at some point during your stay. Look through speciality magazines and websites for new technological gadgets for the kitchen or bath such as electric knife sharpeners, shower radios, speciality speakers and speaking alarm clocks; there is always something for everybody. Choose something unique so that you can be sure your host does not have it.

Beach Gifts

Customise monogrammed towels or an artsy beach towel for your summertime host. Anything portable is key for this gift; picnic baskets filled with utensils and plates, a basket full of tanning oils or self-tanners to prep for the beach or even customised summer T-shirts and tank tops are cute gifts for a woman. For a male host, summer hats, drink mixers for lounging poolside or a gift basket made up of a bunch of summer tees, sandals and sunglasses is sure to please.

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