Gift ideas for kids leaving primary school

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Moving on from primary school can be an exciting time for a child. After all the hard work that students put into their education, finishing primary school deserves a celebration to mark this momentous occasion. Congratulate your child by getting a gift that will help his transition into this new chapter of childhood.

Primary school scrapbook

Preserve special memories of primary school by giving the gift of a scrapbook. Include things such as exceptional tests, papers, artwork, report cards, rewards and ribbons. Position class pictures from each year and pictures with friends at places and events. Write captions for the pictures and awards, including the date and the academic year the child was in at the time. Some ideas for decorating are crayons, old pencils placed throughout and encouragement stickers.

Locker starter kit

Secondary school may be the first time your child receives a locker. This can be an exciting event for some children. Give your child the gift of a locker starter kit, which you can purchase from your local office supplies retailer. Include things such as sticky notes, a small calendar, magnetic items like a mirror, colourful magnets to hold up pictures and a magnetic whiteboard.


Some students entering secondary school may not have been given technological gifts in the past because they weren't mature enough to take care of such an expensive item. Now could be the time to introduce things that can assist them in their school work. A new laptop, computer or mobile phone could be a great gift.

Bank account

Understanding how a bank account works can be a good learning tool for most ten and eleven year olds. Opening an account can improve maths skills and teach the responsibility of money. Agreeing to match funds for every pound the student saves from gifts or allowance can encourage the child not to spend every bit of money she receives.

Graduation party

Throw a graduation party, inviting classmates and friends of the same age. You could host a barbecue, for example. Children's gatherings are a good way to get to know other parents and establish a friendship for the upcoming summer.

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