Free "3-2-1 Penguins" Games

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Big Idea Productions' animated "3-2-1 Penguins!" chronicles the adventures of twins Jason and Michelle Conrad, who embark on galactic adventures with four intelligent penguins in a rocket ship. Episodes involve the kids using Bible lessons to solve their problems. Fans looking to enhance their experiences with the Christian animated cartoon can play free games at Big Idea's official website.


You help penguin Kevin turn all squares the same colour in "Hop!" Pressing the "J," "K," "N" and "M" keys, you jump from square to square to change a square's colour. Power-ups and transporters help you along the way. Once you have changed each square's colour, you advance to the next level. You lose a life if you run into enemies or fall off of the edge. The game ends if you lose all of your lives.

Jelly Jammers

With the clock ticking, you race to fill pastries with grape jelly in "Jelly Jammers." Move your mouse to position Michelle in front of a pastry and left click the pastry to grab it. To fill the pastry with jelly, click and hold down the mouse button. When you finish filling the pastry, release the mouse button; you must discard pastries that have too much jelly. You advance to the next level if you successfully fill the required number of pastries.

Light Brigade

Based on the "3-2-1 Penguins!" cartoon "Runaway Pride at Lightstation Kilowatt," "Light Brigade" requires you to guide light bulb aliens to the lighthouse. After choosing a difficulty mode, you use colour-coded arrow chips to plot a course from "Start" to the lighthouse. While colour arrows only change the direction of that colour bulb, black bulbs change the direction of any bulb. Light bulbs walking through a tent turn into the colour of that tent, and bulbs must be green to enter the lighthouse. To send a bulb into the air to skip a space, use the red button. Press "Go" when you finish plotting your path. If all light bulbs make it to the lighthouse, you advance to the next level.

Ship Lander

Help penguin Midgel gently land the penguin ship in "Ship Lander." Pressing the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to move the descending ship, you hold down the "Spacebar" to use thrust. Should you use too much thrust, you run out of fuel. You lose a life if you land too fast or hit an object. The game ends when you lose all of their lives.

Spaced Penguin

After penguin Kevin gets lost in space, you try launching him back to the ship in "Spaced Penguins!" Using Giant Penguin Slingshot (GPS), you click on Kevin and hold down the mouse button. Then drag the mouse button to pull Kevin back and release the button to launch Kevin toward the ship. The gravity of nearby planets may help guide Kevin back to the ship when objects stand in the way of a clear path to the ship. The less amount of tries it takes you to hit the target, the more points you score. In the sequel game -- "Doom Funnel Chasers!" -- penguin crew scientist Doctor Fidgel retools the GPS to fling a duct tape ball into Doom Funnels. To stop Doom Funnels from terrorising space colonies, fling the duct tape ball in the same manner you fling Kevin in "Spaced Penguin!"

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