How to Troubleshoot a Venturer LCD TV

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Venturer Electronics manufactures LCD TV's with an integrated DVD player. Venturer is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and manufactures its consumer electronics out of China. Many of the glitches that can sometimes occur with the TV are relatively simple fixes, whether it be condensation forming within the unit or an audio/video cable that is not securely connected. Before having a service repairman check out your TV, you can perform a few, basic troubleshooting steps yourself.

Check that the A/C power is plugged in to a wall outlet and the TV is turned on if no power to the unit is present. Test another appliance in the same outlet to check if power is available.

Press the PLAY button to resume to normal play if the system is in pause mode and there is no sound or very low-level sound when playing a DVD. Check that the AUDIO/VIDEO and A/V IN input connections are plugged in to their corresponding jacks.

Wipe the plugs and jacks with a cloth slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol if, during play, a severe hum or noise is heard.

Turn the unit on and allow it to sit for an hour to dry if condensation has formed on the exterior or interior of the unit. and the disc does not play. Moisture can sometimes form when the temperature changes suddenly, or the unit has been placed in the draft of an air conditioner. Move the TV out of the draft.

Check to see that the antenna cable is securely connected if the picture is bad and multiple or snowy images are present. Ensure that all the input cables are firmly connected.

Check whether the mute function has been activated on the remote control if there is no sound from the TV. Press VOLUME to deactivate the mute function and raise the sound.

Press the "TV" button on the remote if you are receiving no picture or sound. Try switching to another channel to see if the current one is having station problems.

Turn the TV off for 30 minutes and then on again if coloured patches appear on the picture. This could also be due to other electrical appliances running nearby.

If condensation forms inside the unit, turn the TV off and allow the unit to sit for approximately three hours to slowly raise the temperature of the room.

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