Decorative Glass Block Crafts

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Glass blocks are inexpensive and can be purchased at most home improvement stores. The blocks are even available with pre-drilled holes for lights There are many glass block projects for crafters looking to create a unique item to place in their living room or give as a memorable gift. Each piece made from the glass blocks is a unique, personal creation.

Holiday Designs

Place a small chain of mini-lights into your pre-drilled glass block and tie a ribbon with a bow for an attractive holiday display to place beneath the tree. Or, make a snowman made out of three different-size blocks. Fill with white tissue paper, add a snowman's face and hat, and tie a scarf around the last block for a unique craft.


Another easy craft is to fill the glass block with coloured marbles and water to hold a nice display of live flowers for the table. Place a daffodil or tulip bulb on aquarium stones with water added in a glass block and let it sit in the sunlight for a few weeks. This will give you a nice bloom to place on your table any time of year.


Personalised banks or vases made from the smaller glass blocks and decorated with acrylic paint make excellent gifts. Give hand-painted blocks to your favourite organisation to sell at a fundraiser.


Give your glass blocks a different look by sponge painting on the glass or decorate using découpage on the glass. To use découpage, cut out pictures and glue them onto the block. Then, cover the pictures with a few coats of glue or découpage medium for protection.

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