How can I get more seeds & peers on frostwire?

Bit torrent files rely on users to seed, or share, fragments of files associated with the torrents. Peer users can also seed files as they download them. Without a healthy number of peers and seeds, bit torrents become unreliable, or virtually invalid. If you use Frostwire as your bit torrent client and would like to do your part in keeping it healthy, there are a number of options you can adjust in Frostwire to increase your seeds and peers.

Uncap the speeds of your Frostwire uploads and download to get more seeds and peers. Right-click on an active torrent. Highlight the "Advanced" heading in the context menu that appears. Highlight the "Set Download Speed" sub-head, and then click on the "No Limit" sub option.

Return to the "Advanced" heading in the torrent's context menu. Highlight the "Set Upload" speed option this time, and then click on the "No Limit" option.

Click on Frostwire's Tools heading, and then click on the "Options" heading. Expand the "BitTorrent" heading in the Options menu, and then click on the "Basic" heading. Click on the "+" sign next to "BitTorrent" to expand the heading.

Check the "Seed finished torrent downloads" option, if the isn't currently selected. Click on the BitTorrent heading's "Advanced" entry.

Increase the amount of peer and connection Frostwire can use. Type a higher value into the "Global maximum number of connections" and "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent" field.

Click "OK" to apply your changes.

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