How to Remove Text Reflections in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 allows you to place graphical effects on a wide range of PowerPoint objects, including sections of WordArt and text. The reflection effect will place a mirror image of the object directly beneath it. If you want to remove that effect, you will have to access the same area of the ribbon where you would go to add the effect.

Open the PowerPoint 2010 presentation that has the text image you want to remove.

Click on the text or WordArt to place your cursor inside the box that surrounds the object. Press "Crtl" and "A" simultaneously to select all the text in the box.

Click the "Format" tab at the top of the PowerPoint window. Locate the "WordArt Styles" area of the ribbon at the top of the window. Click the "Text Effects" button to open up a drop-down menu.

Move your mouse over the "Reflection" option, and click the "A" at the top of the pop-up menu, which is the only entry under the "No Reflection" heading. The reflection effect on your text, or WordArt text, will disappear.

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