How to keep pastry fresh

Kuvona/iStock/Getty Images

The smell of freshly baked pastry in the morning can satisfy your hunger and craving for something sweet as you get ready to take on the day. Biting into the soft warm texture of a croissant or other pastries with marmalade or chocolate creates a cascade of sweetness on your tongue.

Yet, old pastries fall flat and end up tasting more like stale bread with too much sugar added. Whether you bake your own pastries or buy them at the shops, follow a few simple steps to keep pastry fresh for as long as possible.

Buy pastries that the bakery has prepared early in the morning. Ask the bakery where you can find the freshest pastries, if you are not sure. Smell the pastry to ensure that it seems fresh. Place these pastries in air tight containers soon after buying them. Keep a few containers in your car, so you can package the pastries before heading to work or back home.

Allow homemade oven-baked pastries to sit out for one minute and cool before packaging in air tight plastic containers.

Place a few bay leaves in the pastry containers for added freshness. Bay leaves help keep other bread and dry baking products fresh, so why not use these for pastries as well. The leaves can also create a light fresh scent in the container.

Keep these containers in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing them on windowsills or other areas with a lot of sun. Keep them in your desk at work or in a cupboard at home.

Eat the pastry soon after it's baked or the same day to enjoy it when it's the freshest. Always store pastry at room temperature and don't store it for more than a few days, otherwise it becomes stale.