How to Heal in "Hidden & Dangerous 2"

"Hidden & Dangerous 2," a third-person shooter video game, gives players control of a four-man SAS team in various theatres of war during World War Two. While there are many opportunities to sneak past enemy patrols undetected, you will eventually end up in a firefight and stand a chance of being wounded. You can heal yourself or your teammates with any first aid kits you choose to take on the mission with you. There are also a couple of cheat options available should you need extra help.

Press either square bracket button to scroll through your equipment.

Scroll to the first aid kit item to highlight it.

Press the "Enter" button to heal yourself.

Stand next to a teammate and hold the cross hairs in the centre of the screen over him.

Press the right mouse button to bring up the interaction menu.

Press the number button indicated next to the "Heal" option to heal the selected teammate.

Press the "~" key to open the console.

Type either heal 1 or heal 4 to heal yourself, or all four of your team members.

Press "Enter" to regain full health.

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