How to prove someone keyed your car

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The term "car keying" is defined as an act in which an individual uses the sharp end of a key to create a dent or scratch on a vehicle out of malicious intent. Often, an insufficient amount of evidence prevents you from isolating the culprit. Most laws require that a person have irrefutable proof regarding the identity of the culprit. Put yourself in the best possible position to find the culprit with a series of procedures.

Look for witnesses to the incident. If your car was keyed in a public location, then you can visit local stores or establishments and find out whether anyone noticed the keying incident. Ask passing by people if they saw anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. In some cases, they may provide a description of someone who was lingering near your vehicle or give you other clues as to the culprit's appearance.

Notify the police. Go to the nearest police department or precinct and file an official report. Answer any questions and provide information regarding the possible time of the incident. Also notify the police if you know of any people who may intend to harm you. In most cases, the person who keyed your car has a vendetta against you. Also inquire whether any intersection cameras or traffic cameras may have captured images of your car during the incident.

Look for any private cameras that may have recorded the event. If the incident occurred in a public area, then you should be able to find some sort of evidence. Visit local stores and organisations that have outside cameras and inform them of the approximate time of the keying incident. If your car was in the field of view of the camera, then you might be able to obtain physical evidence.

If your attempts at finding the identity of the culprit are fruitless then you can spend money to hire your own investigator. Keep in mind that this is an expensive option and is only effective if your car has been keyed multiple times or if you already have an idea as to who the culprit is. The investigator will question you in detail about your dealings with people and find out whether you have any potential aggressors. Additionally, he or she may search for fingerprints or other physical evidence on the vehicle and run it against the national database. The investigator will work with the police department in interviewing both suspects and witnesses to obtain additional information or alibis.

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