How to Get 360 Waves After Using an S Curl Texturizer

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360 waves are a popular look for men with low cut African American hair. The style gives the appearance of a wave pattern on your hair. The process of getting natural 360 waves can be very time consuming and requires a lot hair brushing, but the use of an S-curl texturizer helps speed up the wave pattern process.

The chemicals in S-curl texturizers help loosen your natural hair's curl and make it more manageable, therefore making it easier to create the 360 waves style.

Put on your latex gloves. Dip the comb into the container of S-curl texturizer. Use the spine of the comb to scoop up a quarter-sized amount of the texturizer. Spread the texturizer onto your hair using the comb in the direction you want your wave pattern to be. Start at the sides and back of your head, then work your way up towards the crown and front. Spread more texturizer onto your hair as needed.

Comb the texturizer through your hair until you start to see an "S" or wave pattern develop in your hair. Rinse the texturizer out of your hair with warm water. Once the texturizer has been completely rinsed out, wash your hair with the neutralising shampoo. You may need to repeat the shampoo process a few times to make sure that all of the texturizer is out of your hair. Apply hair conditioner and rinse it out after about five minutes.

Towel-dry your hair and apply hair moisturiser all over your hair. Set a warm towel over your head to help the moisturiser melt into your hair. Brush your hair out starting at the crown of your head. Brush the hair at the crown and front of your head in a forward direction and the hair at the back of your head in a downward direction. Brush the hair at the sides of your head forward and down in the direction of your cheeks. Continue brushing your hair in this manner for 10 minutes. Tie your hair down with a do-rag.

Wear the do-rag to bed to help set the 360 wave pattern. Do not brush your hair out when you remove the do-rag, as it will undo your hair's wave pattern. Repeat Step 3 every day to help maintain the look of your 360 waves.