How to Get a High Score on a Boxer Punching Machine

The "Boxer King" punching game is an arcade game often found in bars. In the game, "Boxer," you throw a punch at a suspended bag and attempt to receive a high score. Your score is determined by how hard you punch the bag. The game is designed to score highest for an overhand right punch. To obtain the high score, you must throw an overhand right punch with a lot of power.

Set your stance up so that your right foot is back and slightly off to the side. If you are left-handed, set your left foot back.. Keep your knees slightly bent.

Slightly bend your elbow and pull your fist back.

Bring your fist over your shoulder then down into the target. As your fist comes through, rotate your hips toward the target.

Punch all the way through the bag instead of punching to the bag. Punching through the bag will generate more force and will result in a higher score.

Keep your body loose in lieu of tensing up. The looser your body is, the more of your weight you will be able to get behind your punch.

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