How to fix a hoodie string Images

Whether you have tugged too hard on one of the strings or have just pulled your hoodie out of the drier, the string of your hooded sweatshirt may as a result be no longer attached to the article of clothing it belongs. Just trying to shove the string back through the hole can be a slow and frustrating experience. It is possible to efficiently work the string back through your hoodie, and you can also rig the string so that it will be less likely to fall out in the future.

Poke the safety pin through one of the ends of the string.

Feed the safety pin into the hole of your hoodie, allowing the string that is connected to it to follow in its path.

Bunch the section of the hoodie up right in front of the safety pin and grab hold of the pin with the fabric that is a few inches ahead along the path the string needs to travel.

Tug on the end of the hoodie that you are feeding the string through to straighten the hoodie back out. The result of this will advance the string a couple inches forward.

Repeat this process, moving the string a couple inches at a time, until it makes it out of the other end of the hoodie. Pull the string so that it is even, and remove the safety pin.

Tie knots on both ends of the hoodie string that are bigger than the holes it is strung through so that your hoodie string will be less likely to fall out in the future.

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