How to Get the Thief Into the Castle in "The Settlers: Rise of an Empire"

"The Settlers: Rise of an Empire" is the sixth game in "The Settlers" video game series. Players control a settlement that is trying to survive and expand. At the direction of the player, the characters will learn to develop new technologies, create buildings and defeat opposing colonies. Players create units that serve different purposes. The thief unit is used to spy and gather intelligence on your enemies. The thief unit also can cause damage to the structures in your opponent's camp, which will give you the upper hand in battle.

Begin a game of "The Settlers: Rise of an Empire."

Promote your knight units to unlock the thief special units.

Use your castle to recruit and develop your thief units.

Direct your thief to enter your opponent's camp.

Move your thief to your opponent's castle and select the building to have the thief move inside.

Select the thief's ability to either damage the building or gather intelligence on what the opponent is working on.

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