How to Get From Stormwind City to Thousand Needles

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Blizzard Entertainment's online game "World of Warcraft" is set in Azeroth, a fictional game world divided into four major land masses: Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Outland and Northrend. The land masses are separated by vast bodies of water, but players can travel between continents by ship, zeppelin and portal. Azeroth's continents are divided into smaller geographical zones connected by roads and a flight service, which players can use to quickly travel across continents once they have visited each region's flight master. Players can efficiently make the cross-continental journey from Stormwind City to Thousand Needles using these transportation methods.

Speak to the griffin master in Stormwind City. The griffin master is located in the east corner of the Trade District. When the flight map appears, select Menethil Harbor as your destination. If you do not have the Menethil Harbor point on your flight map, you must take the tram (located in the Dwarven District of Stormwind City) to Ironforge and travel to Menethil Harbor on foot. Menethil Harbor is on the small island off the west coast of the Wetlands.

Go to the Menethil Harbor docks. Board the ship to Theramore Isle when it arrives at the left dock. When you arrive on Theramore Isle, get off the ship and follow the only road out of town into Dustwallow Marsh.

Take the right path at the first fork in the road. When you arrive in the Barrens, follow the road south until you reach the Great Lift at the Thousand Needles border. Ride the lift down into Thousand Needles.

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