How to Get the Spinosaurus on "Dinosaur King"

Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Spinosaurus is a highly powered water-type dinosaur in "Dinosaur King" for the Nintendo DS. While Spinosaurus can be found by digging in random spots of red sand in the African wilds, there is a sure-fire method to easily get one on your dinosaur team. This purple juggernaut is especially effective when unleashed upon dinosaurs with the fire attribute. Completing the "Fan Letter to Shu" side quest can earn you your very own Spinosaurus.

Go to the Africa location and talk to the people inside Shelia Oasis. Shelia Oasis is found on the west side of Kalimba Desert. One of the men inside the Oasis wants you to deliver a fan letter to his idol, Shu.

Take the man's note, and talk to the woman standing by the gates of West Dust Hills. She will direct you to proceed to other locations to chat with other people to complete the lengthy fetch quest.

Meet your next directed contacts in the middle of Euro Town and then the South Euro Plains.

Deliver the fan letter to Shu. Shu is located in the middle of the East Gobi Plains area. He will trade the note for a Spinosaurus fossil.

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