How to find a scenic drive from London to Brighton

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London and Brighton are well known as the start and finish points of the Royal Automobile Club's yearly Veteran Car Run. A drive from London to Brighton takes you from one of the busiest cities in the world to a colourful, cosmopolitan and charming south coast seaside resort. En route, you can see several picturesque parts of southern England by building in scenic detours.

Begin in a part of London you consider scenic. London is a very large city with many different areas. No matter what your definition of scenic, London will have a scenic starting point to suit you.

Head out of London on the A23. This is the main route to Brighton -- and the route use mainly by the Veteran Car Run. However, it is not very scenic for much of the way, being simply a standard -- if major -- “A” road.

Aim to leave the A23 for more scenic diversions, where possible. For example, leave the A23 soon after it becomes the M23. Travel east along the M25 -- don’t worry, there is method in the apparent madness -- then join the A22 south. Leave the A22 at Batts Bridge Roundabout and join the A272 west. This will take you on part of a route that The Telegraph Travel calls one of Britain’s best scenic drives.

Use Google Streetview to incorporate other scenic parts into the drive. Enter “London” and “Brighton” as the start and finish points. Click “Get Directions.” Drag the orange man onto the route. The orange man is officially called Pegman. Travel the route with Pegman by double-clicking on the road ahead. If you see a road that looks more interesting, investigate it with Pegman. If you want to incorporate this into your real drive, open out the map section. Drag a circular grab handle on the route line and reshape the route. Print your route by clicking the print icon, when you are happy with it.

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