The best places to retire in the Mediterranean

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Retiring to an overseas location is often cheaper than staying in the UK. With its sub-tropical weather consisting of warm summers and mild winters, plus the historic landmarks and exquisite beauty, the Mediterranean offers several inexpensive places to live out your golden years.

According to International Living's annual retirement index, your earnings will go further, the lifestyle is healthier and your health care is much cheaper abroad.


This group of Mediterranean islands are said to have the best climate in the world. Malta is a Mediterranean location that isn't inundated with annual tourists. So if you're looking for a breathtaking location to live, plus enjoy peace and quiet, Malta would be the right choice for you. The southern part of the island is less expensive when it comes to renting or buying a flat, and the area's public transportation system is quite efficient, so owning a car is not a necessity for residents.


One of the most popular locations in the Mediterranean, Greece captures the hearts of a number of pensioners annually. Where you live in Greece will depend on your lifestyle and income. Like most countries, the coastal regions will cost more, while living further inland can be cheaper. You'll find many of the less expensive flats and homes are older, some dating back over 100 years or more. Another positive for Greece -- your food costs are minimal as market prices are much lower than in the UK.


The southern coast of Italy is one of the most affordable Mediterranean locations to retire. Town houses near the Adriatic beaches can go for as little as £30,000. More often than not, these properties require renovation, so they may not sui people who want a quiet life and immediate comfort. Health care in Italy is also attractive, ranked second on the World Health Organisation's list of countries that offer quality and affordable health services.


France is another popular Mediterranean retirement location. The country is rated the highest in regard to low health care costs by the World Health Organisation. France is one of the easiest European locations to move to -- the paperwork is minimal and doesn't take too long. The consistent temperatures in France are attractive to retirees, too. You can expect a daily average ranging from 16 to 24 degrees C (60F to 75F), but much hotter temperatures in the south during the summer.